Whoopee Cushner is a jokester who likes to play pranks on her friends, but one prank DEFINITELY went wrong.

How She Became a Disrespectoid Edit

It was lunch time at her school, and she and her friends were eating food. She had a CapriSun and she saw her friend standing up. She looked at the seat and giggled and blew air into the pouch. Her other friends knew what she was going to do so they were encouraging her to do the prank. Whoopee put the pouch on the seat making it like a Whoopee Cushion toy. Her friend sits down. Whoopee and everyone else laughs but then it becomes quiet when they see a random blob of smoke disappear that was surrounds Whoopee. Turns out her flesh became rubber and her hands and feet became Whoopee Cushions. She is filled with so much air that her cheeks were blowing up. She starts walking away with embarrassment leaving trails of fart noises.

Appearance Edit

She has purple hair in a ponytail. She appears to be from Asia. She has cyan colored sweatpants with a matching zipper sweater, and under that sweater is a white shirt. Her hands and feet are Whoopee Cushions.

Notes Edit

  • She is 10 years old.
  • She may be from Eastern Asia (Korea, Siberia, China, Mongolia, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Taiwan).
  • She can beatbox in her spare time.
  • She loves to jump, play and exercise.