Sandy Mandy was originally a cute little girl until she buried the pouch. Now her body's made out of sand, her hair is seaweed, and her left foot is a sand bucket..

Full Story: She was a cute little girl playing on the beach. She had blond hair, blue eyes, white skin, red goggles, and a cute light blue bathing suit. She drank her CapriSun while holding a shovel. She looked left and right to make sure no one could see her. She smiled and giggled. She sat on her knees and dug a hole while holding the pouch with her lipstick covered lips. She dropped it in and buried it. She got back up and stared down at her legs. Smoke rose and attacked her. Her body from head to legs was turned into a sand sculpture. Her once blond hair became ugly seaweed. Her arm fell off. Then some kids bumped into her and she fell apart.

Sandy mandy
How she appears in the cartoon.
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