pouchville high is were the other kids including the disrespectoids (meaning louie luna mandy moe and bobbysue) go to school at the

  • The school
  • the uniforms

teachers are

mr bardinsky:the math teacher he is strict,grumpy,and nonsense teacher

mrs cadet:the sience teacher she is smart,kind,and very caring

mrs winksity:the english teacher she is boring,lazy,and the oldest teacher in the school

mr aderincine: the social studies teacher the is neat,smart,and is always on time and kind

mr spellright:the vocabulary teacher he is overly lazy,boring,and smart

mrs limeanella:the african amarican music teach she is sweet,fun,and very lovely

  • Harry Betty Chuck Fred Stewie don peggy simon and whoopee Dont go there cus there all not alowed in.
  • The Main Baseball Team Is The Pouchville Sluggers