Alisha Thomas had a brain tumber so she was taken to The Pouchville Hospital to get it surgically removed

with a special medicen that night she was so scared she waken up Fred so Fred hurried to the hospital to see who was screaming it was a little black girl in a hospital bed so Fred got on the hospital bed and talked to the little black girl saying "Hello what's wrong?" Alisha repiled "I have brain tummor" Fred repiled "Oh dear that's just pitaful is it ok if i'll be your own little toy for your surgery?" Alisha nodded the next morning at six the doctor's gave her and Fred special medicen to help theme sleep while having "there" surgery Alisha dreamed that she was winning at soccer while Fred was sound asleep he wasent dreaming while Alisha was still sleeping Fred left her a note saying that he went home. Fred returned while the other disrespectoids where still asleep he was waiting for Chuck to wake up he cheaked what time it was it was 7:15 and Chuck got up finding Fred awake and watching the sun go up when Fred told him what he done Chuck seid "Now Fred You Have A Good Idea For Helping A Girl With Her Helping Needs".