(we start off at the park where the doids are taking a walk)

fred: I got it

chuck: got what

fred: the crossword puzzle it says louie is a doop

louie: hey

fred: well EVERY puzzle got a code (fred gets snached)AAAAHHH!!!

louie: you know what why did they invent a crossword pu....(gets snached)ZZLLLLLEEEEE!!!! (betty and whoopie get snached)

harry: hey what just happend

sue: four of us got snached.........AGAIN

chuck: and the doids saw the mayor

mayor: so what your saying is that 4 of your friends has been doidnapped again?

chuck: yes. call the police.

mayor: hello police? follow a doidnapper that has been doidnapping these kids bobblehead fred, leaky louie, whoopee chusiner and boing boing betty.

police: we are on our way.

louie: what is the doidnapper this time?

fred: i don't know.

police: we found the doids i repeat we found the doids.

when they found them

fred: is this kinda like day sha vu?

chuck: kinda. what is day sha vu?

fred: french for i seen this all before.

whoopee and betty: you speak french?

fred: yes.

chuck: i got the key.

chuck: unlocked them.

fred: so it was you again mandy and the cheer captain. arrest the doidnapper police.

the police put the doidnapper in jail again.

fred: is this really day sha vu?

chuck: not really.

harry: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (tumbles on betty)

betty: hello my big crab

harry: hello my small vanilla ice cream bar

(begens kissing)