The Disrespectoids have done it again! After a go-cart race goes horribly wrong and detroys half of the city, the Disrespectoids try to hide in the basement of the clubhouse. But when the citizens of Pouchville, including Mr.Officer, find the Disrespectoids in the basement, the Disrespectoids get out of the clubhouse by a window leading outside and hijack a nearby ice-cream truck to escape from the angry mob. After the kids get away, Mr.Officer tells Mr.Mayor that the city cannot afford the Disrespectoids harming anything else, and narrows Mr.Mayor's choices down to 7 unthinkable options. Mr.Mayor chooses choice #6, which is to hunt down and kill the Disrespectoids. Meanwhile, the ice-cream truck the Disrespectoids are riding in runs out of gas, so the kids continue their journey to Uniontown, Ohio louie readed a sigh saying welcome to unicontown ohio they all cheered,Soon after, the citizens of Pouchville start their hunt for the Disrespectoids There friends were so sad about the thing that the mayor was going to do to them they what the mayor not to kill them meanwhile the doids were sitill stuck in ohio that night while the doids where sleeping fred was on the ice cream truck upset when he was beging to cry louie awoken & he saw fred he seid in a peaceful voice "fred why are you crying?" fred seid "I miss my warm sleeping bag (Sobing) i wanna go home" louie seid "If we go home well die" then louie sung freds favroite lullabye to him & fred felled asleep in his arms & fred slept next to sandy & louie while the rest of the disrespectoids where sleeping next morning everyone from pouchville & mr officer & mr mayor they all looked down & saw the disrespetoids sleeping peacefuly mr officer says lets kill theme then peggy wakes up in horror and finds out that she's in the mussledome then she wakes up simon and donny and she tells theme about the bad dream but then they went back to sleep then peggy goes back to sleep.

(Note: the hole story was a bad dream)