Cindy is Stewie's twin sister who put the pouch in a mouse trap and became a 6 inch mouse. But she's more like a mouse with human features (breasts, thumbs etc.). She is married to Mike the Mouse.

She is friends with Tiny Tina (as seen in Flying Inside An Airplane), and the girlfriend of Short Mort. Her other friends are Velma the rat (as seen in Louies big breke, but hates Skunky Camille becuse she thinks that shes a spoiled rich girl (as seen in A little mean) and was unintentionally rivaled by Snow-Wolf Kate since (Snow Attack) & fights with stewie (as seen in The cake sale).

She sounds like Courtny from TD: WT.

She became jealous of Pooh Bear Eric when she found out about R.A.F.I.A.N.S, his crime fighting organisation, and creates her own, B.R.A.W.L (Bad, Rowdy Agents Will Learn) (according to the tale Dead Agents Tell No Tales.


The Misadventures of Cindy the Mouse (debut)

Doid Name: Cindy the Mouse

Former Name: Cinderella "Cindy" M Sckweekz the 100th

Game: Mouse vs Catz

Her children Edit