Chuck Charles "The" Clucker is a pre-teen that has the ability to shoot eggs out of his butt and can cook fried, scrambled, or boiled eggs.

How He Became a Disrespectoid Edit

(There is no commercial about this transformation because it was a chosen fan-made character in a competition.)

Chuck C. Clucker was bored of waiting near the chicken hen while his dad was working in the farm. Chuck took out his CapriSun Pouch and started drinking it. As he finishes his drink he goes inside the hen and sees the chickens. He smiles and blows air into the pouch and throws the pouch at this one angry chicken that Chuck never liked. When the pouch hits the chicken, Chuck bursts in laughter until he poofs into smoke and from his hips down transformed into chicken legs and a tail, and his hair style transforms into like a chicken Mohawk. Chuck has a shocked face and then an egg drops down from his butt.

Appearance Edit

He has a chicken Mohawk. He is wearing a green t-shirt with a corn image on it. He has green shoes with laces. He has a chicken tail and legs.



  • He can shoot eggs from his butt.
  • He is 12 years old.
  • He's Leaky Louie's best friend.
  • His hair style resembles a chicken's comb.