Boing Boing Betty


Betty is a tomboyish girl who uses her spring to jump around.

How She Became a Disrespectoid Edit

Betty didn't have school that day and she went outside with her Capri Sun. She had an idea that she would regret in a moment. She blew air into her pouch and put it on the ground. She went running to get her pogo stick and put on her helmet. She starts bouncing, and bouncing, and bouncing until she landed on the pouch and poofed into smoke and transformed into a human shaped spring ride, like the ones you see in the playground. A random kid who seems to be dismissed from school, sees the ride, puts its books down and starts riding on Betty not knowing it's her and yells "Woooohoooooo!!!!"

Appearance Edit

She has blue eyes, blonde pigtails, and red freckles. She wears a blue vest with a blue two-striped white shirt and also wears an orange sailor hat. She also has a red spring.

Notes Edit

  • She is 10 years old.
  • Her rival is Bobblehead Fred.
  • She has a pet cat named Mr. Whiskers.
  • She says "Boing!" Whenever she jumps.
  • She has a speech impediment due to her braces.