The Story:Edit

A boy named Fred was with his friend, entertaining himself by hitting random things with his baseball bat, he decides to take his friends capri sun and hit it, turning him into a giant bobble head.


Transformation:Hit the capri sun to be a bobble headEdit

Appearance : Fred wears a black t-shirt with a apple on it and a pair of jeans.He wears black and white sneakers. He has six freckles and blue eyes.

Into What:Edit

A Bobble Head


Because he hit the pouch with a baseball bat.


  • The cause of his transformation is because most baseball stars have bobblehead figures of themeselfs explaning Fred's transformation cause.
  • He is somewhat the cutest disrespectoid.
  • he's 13 and a half,but looks like a 5 or six year old
  • It reveals in when harry met chewie he chews gum