Billy,mandy,and Irwin move to pouchville.the trio take a stroll in the park and billy and irwin saw leaky louie billy says for

three days DISTROY US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! while irwin stays in his room locked in for three days without eating,sleeping,and drinking.

Mandy is tired of the boys acting like this so she takes a walk in the part and says"oh my gosh" when she sees whoopee

chushener and reports it to the police.The police belive her and capture the first three(bobblehead fred,whoopee chushener, and leaky louie)including boing boing betty.Mandy is happy with the deed

that the police did for the trio but not billy and irwin they fell that it's a bad idea meanwhile the rest of the doids are wonderin where the first three (including betty) went then irwin comes and tells

about the bad deed mandy did leaving handlebar harry, sandy mandy,and bobbysue angry.So billy,irwin,and the rest of the doids try to save the four while the four diods are stuck in a musam for

ten years. back in jail whoopee is so sad about being in a museam betty was looking in the museam cage singing harry rescue me

meanwhile at the clubhoues slow moe and chewie stewie were playing a game of cards when moe got a call from harry saying that

they need extera help so moe and stewie whet to see them (and mr peeps taged with them) when moe saw sue(note sue is in the front as usual) sue they kissed her a though

harry got stewies pants saying no kiss. Then they unlocked the museam cage an ran out as fast as they could but mandy sees them and lets them go so they

continue to run out and irwin grabs mandys hand and says"your coming with us,yo" and they make it out without being cought.


go home is a pradoy of go fish

when mandy dials 911 her flower on her dress is missing

the rialiys belive it or see it museam is a praody of riplys belive it or not museam

The end