billy:WOW It's so......UGLY here irwin,do you have the barf bag

irwin:(irwin is barrffing in the bag but when he sees billy he hides it) billy yo

mandy: (sighs) okay boys we need to unpack into this so called house and after that....

irwin: lets go on a romant..I mean stroll in the park

billy: YAY!!!!!!!

one hour later

mandy: I......HATE THIS

(billy and irwin trip and roll)

mandy:those idiots can save themselves



(billy and irwin roll and bump into louie leaking)

billy: SANTA CLUSE!!!!!


louie:hey guys wacha doin

billy irwin:(scream)

billy:DISTROY US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! DISTROY US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

irwin:think I should run home and lock myself in my (runIng) roooooooooooooooom yo

three days later

mandy:(sigh) these idoits should stop playing their little game thats "stupid enough"

mandy: It's like I seen it before this makes me sic... this can't be right (sees whoppee)

(mandy qickly gets her sellphone and dialls 911)

officer: hello this is the officer jefff speaking

mandy:cops we have creatures to capture

15 minutes later

mandy:cop show me the weirdos

officer:okay ms

mandy we onlyed captuered four

mandy: Just show me the creatures so I coud save the idoits lives

(the cops open the large sack with 4 doids in it bobblehead fred,leaky louie,whoopee chushener,and boing boing betty)

all doids:(trying to say things but their mouths are wraped in cloth)

officer 7: well......

mandy: thank you officers (spits her toung out at officer jeff)

officer jeff: thats not polite ms



harry: hey sue whers louie,fred,whoopee,and betty

sue:I don't know?

bobby: can I be in the f...

sue: NVER!!!!

chuck: yeah probily taking a walk in the park or somthing.

harry: dude,we're AT the park chicken brains.

chuck: none says that I'm a chicken brain

back in the musem

Betty: uggh were are you harry?

Fred: harrys not coming betty.

Betty: why?

Fred: good holen we're her for ten years like theirs nothing you could do about it!!!!!!!!

louie:calm down we're only here for like ten years

in the park (the park is imagend the old western times when irwin walks in with a cowboy hat on along with billy)

irwin: If you're all wonderin yo let me tell you the tail

(everything snaps into reality again)

harry: of what?

irwin:where your friends are,yo

sandy:ok nerd go on with it

back at the museam.......

whoopee:(sighs) when ARE we gonna get out of this so called museam?

louie: not in ten years of course.(in a nothing to worry about voice)nothing to worry about.

betty: fred what time is harry going to get me?

fred: in ten years I belive so.

betty: oh harry come for me

at the park


irwin: yes,yo I'm so sorry

billy: (dosn't care and puts pencils in his nose)

Sandy: STOP THAT!!!!!!!!

Bobby: we will go to whatever that museams name is and save them!

Sue: fine I'll will do it if harrys helping


Billy: there at the rialys belive it or go see it musem. teeee

at the musem

Harry: where are they

billy:ooh ooh I know in here(opens a curtin and theres a lion/seal in the cage)

sandy: that's a sion

billy:maybe... in here (shows a caveman)

moe: a......caveman???

billy: wired oooooooohhh mabey in here!!!(shows fred fredburger

fred fredburger:I could spell my name real good F-R-E....(moe puts the curtein back on)

billy:oh maybe in here(show's the grim reaper) hi grim

harry: you know him????

billy:long story ooh in here( shows a zombie)


billy: I know....

chuck:okay freak show, I know there in the big curtin

irwin:good thinking,yo

(billy and irwin pull the curtin off of the cage and they found there friends)


irwin: quite wheres the key yo?

billy:(picking his nose with the key) here it is

irwin:thank you,billy.

(they set the four friends free,but mandy shows up)

irwin:hello my apple of my eye,my cream in my coffee,the flower in my...

mandy: stop it....HOW did the weirdos excape?!?!

billy:there not werdios.... chicken man lay an egg

chuck: me?

billy: yes shote one at mandy heeeeee

chuck: wich one?

billy: never mind, we got to go

irwin: and do our math homework

doids: thank you irwin and billy

mandy: what about.....ME!?!