Balloona luna in the cartoons


Luna is a 14 year old girl who has a passion for balloons and funny clowns. Soon, she becomes a balloon herself with a bad idea that she never knew would go wrong.

How She Became a Disrespectoid Edit

She was on a playground on the swing set opening her CapriSun Pouch when a teenage boy sat on the swing next to her with two water balloons. Luna stares at the two balloons as the boy is playing with them, juggling and shaking them. The teen then sees Luna's drink where she hasn't even drank it yet asking, "Wanna trade?" Luna then smiles with joy as she passes the pouch to the boy. She starts shaking and juggling the two balloons until she poofs into smoke and transforms into a balloon shaped exactly like her. She then floats to the top, luckily she gets stuck on the pole of the swing set preventing her from being popped.
Balloona Luna sees Balloons

Luna's normal girl body before her transformation.

Notes Edit

  • She likes to eat pancakes 24/7.
  • In the cartoon she adopts a pet Hedgehog, but the decides to give him to one of the Disrespectoids since the Hedgehog accidentally pops Luna repeatedly, though she still visits him to say hello.
  • She is teased by kids in school due to her having passion for balloons and clowns, by calling her "Balluna"
  • She is 14 years old.
Balloona luna

Luna's body after her transformation.

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