it began at pouchville at december 10 were the adults & kids were shoping and half of the kids were meeting the 4 santa's (fred louie chuck and harry) and it was all fine until whoopee sandy luna and betty went to see theme this is what whoopee seid to santa fred:

"Hi fred i mean santa 1"

"Hi young ladie whats your name"

"Well i'm whoopee chushner who on earth are you?"

"I'm santa number 1"

"Well i want a rubber squid for my boyfriend bobblehead fred ok?"

much to fred's happyness he smiled and seid:

"Ok i'll tell fred that heres a dolly"

next was sandy she hoped on santa louie's lap heres what sandy seid to santa louie:

"Hi santa 2 whats up?"

"I'm doing fine sandy"

"How did you know my name"

"I read my list all the time and your on the good list"

"Ok santa i want a puzzle and a warter ballon kit for my boyfriend leaky louie Ok?"

Much to louie's happyness and luna sadness he just giggled and seid:

"Good i'll tell louie heres a dolly and action figure"

Next was luna she hoped on santa chucks lap heres what she seid to him:

"Hi mr black santa how are you"

"Hi hon i mean young ladie whats your name?"

"Ballona Luna and i want a hundered corn not for me my boyfriend chuck the clucker got it?"

Much to chucks habit of eating corn he seid

"Alright I'll tell him that if he's good"

Until betty bonced on santa harry and layed on santa chucks lap

"hi harold i ment santa 4"

"i want 50 pounds of raw ham"