the Disrespectiods accidently take a bath at same time here list of what happens 1. both the girls and guys decide to take a bath 2. Boing Boing Betty takes shower then Handle Bar Harry walk into shower than see Boing Boing Betty they scream then run out of the bath 3.later Ballona Luna takes a bath and start to read and Leaky Louie comes in with his mp3 on he gets in bath they both reach for the soap there hands touch Ballona Luna see Leaky Louie and scream and kicks him out 4. Chewie Stewie takes a shower than Whoopee Cushner walks in not seeing Chewie Stewie than reach to pick up a spong but picks ups Chewie Stewie and poors soap on him then she looks and see him and scream throws him out the shower 5.Sandy Mandy takes a bath then Bobble Head Fred comes in but only see sand at the bottom of the tub he gets in then sandy goes back to her from they both panic and Bobble Head Fred runs out and accidently pules the plug and sandy mandy goes thourgh drain pipe and ups on beach 14 miles away and she extremely embarrassed becuse she was naked everyone (who was naked)